Sunday, November 29, 2009

Black Friday Bonding

As is my tradition, I hit it out again this year for some fun shopping on Black Friday. This was the earliest that I can remember getting out there though! I would like to digress now to the year when both my sisters and I drug our elementary aged girls out for a Black Friday find. We got to the store at about 7:00 as I recall. It was a very cold day and the fellow shoppers were all staying in their cars to keep warm. We were so grateful! My sister Chrissy decided to get out of the car to throw away some donut trash and it caused a mass exodus from the other cars. We of course had to follow suit. We stood in the cold for some time to get in the store and recieve our cheesy free gift. The girls were not happy to say the least. They were still talking about it this year. Chrissy, in her defense has never been much of a shopper and had no idea of the mahem she could cause.
Back to 2009, my niece Staci agreed to go with me to Target where we wanted to get a coveted 32 in Flat Screen TV for a mere $246.00. We both slept a couple of hours and then met at the store at 3:00 AM with our supplies. I brought the blanket and she brought the lawn chairs. There were already about 100 people in line when we got there! Staci began to unfold one of our lawn chairs which was very confusing. I couldn't figure out how this chair worked, it looked like a mini-bed. Finally Staci realized that it wasn't a chair at all but a fold out table. About that time the line started to move so she folded up the table and ran to the car to put it up. The target guy moved us to the other side of the building where we perched for the next 2 hours. Part of the adventure is the new friends that you make in line. We were surrounded by some very excited talkative people. It was quite fun! The line began to move for real and 3 preppy little soroity girls ran past us all for the front door. The whole line started yelling at the cop "They cut in line". Yay, they were stopped at the door and they looked very mad that they had been stopped but justice had been served. When we got in Target it was a free for all! I was trying to get a basket to get my TV but people were running everywhere so I grabed it and pulled it behind me. Somehow in all the craziness I ran over my own heal with my basket, and incurred my first Black Friday injury. Staci started getting the TVs and I was trying to put them in the basket, as I was lifting the TV to my basket, it had a run away and I missed the basket totally. I was so focused that I didn't even pee in my pants! We finally secured the TVs and just pulled aside for a moment to regroup. I looked over to where a bin of $5.00 PJ's were and there was a sight that could have made me the You Tube video of the day. A lady was fully bent into the basket with her whole crack exposed! Oh how I wished I would not have seen that! Later in the day I was at Pennys getting some boots for my niece. My sister, Carrie had now joined me. There were women everywhere. I had put my boots in a chair next to me and they fell upon some ladies feet. I reached down to get them and I was face to face with a sea of hairy legged women. My husbund does not have this kind of hair on his legs! My Sister just looked at me very straight faced and said "That was unfortunate"! A few hours later I met up with my daughter Denae and son-in-law Chris. Chris was a newby to Black Friday. He said the whole thing had kind of been a disappointment to him because he thought we were going to have more time to hang out together during the shopping.
Actually, that has been my favorite part of Black Friday over the years, it's been the memories that I have accumulated with many different family members and friends, it's the bonding that takes place that is the most fun to me even though I did get some great buys also. I am so thankful for my family, they make my life so fun, I know that they are very proud of me that I kept myself under control and did not laugh too hard this year. Black Friday ended for me at 10:00 AM. I was starting to see spots and get disoriented so I decided I better hit the bed. It was also the time where people come out shopping looking good. I can tell you that I looked far from good with my hat hair and wrinkled clothes! Bring on more Black Friday Bonding!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I Have Sinned

I thought that title might get you! September-October was about the craziest month I have ever experieced! We had the fair, where I worked selling corn dogs about 12 hours a day for 10 days. During that time we also had 2 weddings and 2 funerals. To top it off I found out that I am having 2 new grandbabies! Wow, I think I experienced about all the emotion you can experience in that short time period. I was in serious need of a break, just a place to be able to relax and not feel any pressure.
Our church gave us a vacation for Pastor Appreciation and the only time we could go before the holidays was the next week so we had to purchase a last minute vacation that wasn't going to cost a fortune. I found Las Vegas. We had never been there before and I thought there wouldn't be that much we would want to do so it would be a good place to relax and rest. Boy was I wrong! I loved it! The hotels were amazing. I have never seen such beautiful buildings. My FB friends gave me all kinds of suggestions of things to do. I did mot of them, we were only there for 4 days and there was still so much to do.
I chose a hotel off of the strip because I didn't know what to expect there. It was wonderful but it was a few miles away from everything. We decided to be adventurous and take the bus instead of renting a car. The bus ride included having to take a change bus at the station. We got to ride with the locals on the first bus and then joined the tourists on the second bus. All of this could take up to an hour and a half to get to our destination! The first night we were at the bus station at Midnight waiting for our bus, we were a little tired and cranky and this cute little couple from Canada came over to visit with us. I asked how they met and they began to tell us all the details of meeting a huge party weekend. He said she had another boyfriend that she had been with for 5 years and that had just gone sour. Her heart was broken. There was anther man standing a little ways away and he walked over sat with us all on the bench and said "I know how she feels". It was crazy. Ed started to talk to him and I kept talking to the young couple. They were not married and they were just traveling around the states in an RV. I told them how Ed and I had met at a high shcool party and they wanted to know all the details. I began to share with them how that we didn't have sex until we were married and now we have been married 31 years and are more in love with each other than ever before, we have 3 kids and will soon have 3 grandkids. Their faces softened and their response was "that is so sweet"! Ed went right into telling his testimony of how he got saved right after we started dating and how that changed everything about the way his life was going. They all were really listening. About that time the bus pulled up. It was so neat to see God use us even when we were dead tired and on a vacation from life. The amaazing thing was how invigorated we both felt! We had another opportunity later in the week to give a teenage boy, who was sitting behind us on the bus some money. He had been on the phone telling someone how he didn't have enough money to get to his destination and he said "Jesus Christ" in the course of conversation. Ed looked at me and said "you're going to have to give him some money". He knows what a softie I am, I already had it in hand! He moved back to sit with Dustin and gave him the money and told him that we are parents and we heard his dilema and we would want someone to help our kids. Ed expressed our belief in teenagers. We love them! He then began to go on to say, I heard you say "Jesus Christ" in your frustration and I want you to know that He heard your cry and has answered and He loves you. The kid was so taken aback! Dustin's tone changed and he began to share with Ed the frustrations of his life. The bus stopped and we had to get off. What fun we had!
Now to the "I have sinned". We were in the Planet Hollywood hotel and there was a little brewery called Sin City Brewery that had t-shirts that said "I have sinned".
I really wanted to buy one but it was pretty skimpy. The thought came to me that we should all be wearing those shirts. Not because we had a beer but because hours before I had gotten mad at Ed, acted hateful and not shown him love. That's what really breaks God's heart is when we don't love, not the outward things but the inward things. I have sinned and I have repented. I am so grateful for a forgiving God and a forgiving husband! Our lives can begin again today because of that mercy and grace! I wonder how I would be looked at if I wore a I have sinned shirt every day yet it is the truth. I am not a perfect wife, mother, friend, daughter or Pastor's wife, I am just a sinner depending on God's grace. Thank you to my great church for sending me on an amazing vacation!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Taming the fat!

Ok people, I am posting tonight because I need some accountability! I am headed to youth camp in a few weeks and there is no way I can keep up with the kids or the schedule at my present out of shape, fat self. Sooo I started back to Weight Watchers on Friday morning at 9:30 AM. I even stayed after to get a 45 minute pep talk from the teacher. I need all the motivation I can get at this point. After I stepped on the scales I wanted to kick myself! There it was in black and white and on my book. They might have well just screamed at me you are fat woman! The funny thing is that I actually have a really good self image. That seems to be part of the problem. I think that I look like I have a perfect body. I just look at someone whose body I admire and in my mind I can see my face on that body! Amazing feet I know! LOL! Please help me blog friends and give me some encouragement. If you have any tips for me they are welcomed! If you would like to come join me in my class that would be even better. It's a mommy and me class. It's going to take a lot of motivation, I mean I watched the whole season of Biggest Looser and that didn't oust me off the couch! I don't have a good before pic but I will post that ASAP!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Married and loving it!

This last week Ed and I had to go to court with someone, while we were waiting a divorce was being settled. It was so sad to see the investment of 2 lives being reduced to cars, stuff and who's going to pay what. It really made me glad that Ed and I have done the things we have done to invest in the future of our marriage. I want to encourage you to take a date night, go on an overnighter with your spouse. Turn off the TV and talk or play games. When the kids are gone you will be glad you did. I'm tired of the bad rap that marriage gets! I am loving it! The last 2 weeks Ed and I have been preaching about Marriage on Sunday morning. It's been a challenge and a lot of fun. He really is my best friend. I have so much fun with him and he always pushes me to do things that I'm not sure that I can do. Mostly he has challenged me to believe God for huge things and to do amazing exploits! I find that I have a tendency to get comfortable, just enjoy things the way they are. Not Ed! He always sees more and greater. Thank you honey for allowing me the privilege to minister right beside you! Thank you for believing in me. I love my life. It is so cool to see God love and change people's lives through us!
July 15, 1978 Can you believe that dress? I showed no skin whatsover. LOL!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Happy Birthday Denae!

Today we are celebrating Denae coming into this world and changing mine forever! I don't have one bad memory of Denae's birth. I had her an hour and a half after I got to the hospital with no drugs or anything. (I had babies wonderfully easy!) We already had our wonderful boy Jeff when we decided to have another and I asked God to give me a girl. He answered! She has been a joy to me from the day she was born. One amazing fact about Denae..when we would go to get her shots she would laugh. The doctor and nurses couldn't believe it. She has always had a great laugh and made those of us around her smile. Other memories of when she was just a toddler were of her trying on clothes and mentioning how adorable they were. I have so many great memories of my times with Denae. Some of the best are in ministry, on the streets of Hollywood, servant evangelism, Disciple Now, and Youth Church. She has always been a leader and now I am getting to watch her be a Mom and what an amazing Mom she is. I thought it was appropriate to post a pic of her and Will since Mother's Day is on Birthday week. Denae, I am so proud of you and so blessed to be your Mom! I love you and you are still a great gift to me 27 years later!

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Saying No to Myself...What???????

Ed has been preaching the best series on prayer until last Sunday.(LOL) It was about breakthrough prayer and how you have to live in self-denial to have breakthrough. It was funny because he was preaching his heart out and was very anointed but he was getting no response from those of us in the audience. He finally said "I can tell y'all aren't real excited about this." On the inside I was screaming "No kidding, who wants to say NO to themselves, not me! We really don't want to hear this, we want to hear that this Christian life is easy." My thoughts went on like that. In reality though I want to see breakthroughs in my life and the life of my church, my friends and family and those who I meet everyday. So I say YES to saying NO to myself! Last week I was flying on a free pass my wonderful friend Mitzi gave me and I had to tell myself no quite a bit. I really have not been a fan of flying. I am not going to let that stop me though. I was flying on the 2 busiest days of the week so it was inevitable that I would get bumped off the plane. I had decided that if I got delayed there would be a purpose in it. The first day of flying I had only had 3 hours sleep and was leaving for the airport at 5:00 AM when I noticed my Shack book sitting on the nightstand. I felt prompted to take it, there was going to be someone who needed it. I didn't not get to my destination on the first day and had to spend the night in Orlando. I took that book out everywhere I was all day, sitting next to a lot of people and no one ever mentioned it. The next morning I boarded the plane and pulled it out again. This was my last flight before I arrived. The guy next to me began to ask me about the book. Yea!!! He then went to sleep. He woke up as we landed and God told me to give him the book. You would have thought I gave him a million dollars. Success!!! I was on a 24 hour detour for one man. Not what I would have chosen. On the way home I had to fly through turbulence all day. (Hate it) I got to Dallas and they informed me that I would have to fly to Albuquerque and then go to Lubbock. I didn't want to do it but it was my only option.
I was the last one on the plane and had to squeeze between two people who obviously did not want me there. There was an older lady and I tried small talk with her but she snubbed me. The ride was rough. We got close to Alb. and the captain came on to tell us that their were wind gusts up to 65 MPH! So it would be really rough. The lady next to me freaked out, she was so scared. I knew then that I had been sent on this flight to help her through it. I HAD TO FORGET ABOUT MYSELF AND MY FEAR! We had every kind of turbulence, side to side, bump bump and then big drop. Yuck! I had to pat her leg and tell her that I had been in God's hands all day and he had taken good care of me and was going to get us through this. We started coming in for landing and she had a second panic attack about wind shear. As I was trying to calm her I look below out her window and see the remains of a small plane crash. Not good for flying moral! I just started asking her all kinds of personal questions to distract her from that sight! We landed safely and she was so grateful that I had been there for her. 14 hours on planes was not my idea but it was God's and it was good! I am reading a book I would highly recommend "In a Pit With a Lion on a Snowy Day". It will change your thinking!!! I'm starting a new saying...NO TO ME!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I'm remebering!

I have been refreshing my memory of the Passover today, God has really been speaking to me from it. I'm going to try to write a blog a day leading up to Easter.

The passover is celebrating the time when the Hebrew children were not killed during the 10 plagues of Egypt. They had to put aside a lamb to be slaughtered and put the blood over their doorpost, eat the lamb then their houses were passed over, their children were spared and they were able to flee Egypt. This is all accounted in Exodus.

The first night of the Passover is the Seder. There is a lot of ritual to the Seder but the purpose is to recount the Passover. The children are very involved and are encouraged to ask questions. Games are played to encourage the children to learn. It is an all night party of remembering!

I want to have that kind of memory about what Jesus has done for me! Every year at Easter we watch "The Passion". It causes me to remember. Let's take some time to remember.

I am so grateful for what Jesus has done for me. He has taken all of my sins!!!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Happy April Fools Day!

This seems to have been some sort of holiday for me in the past. I used to love practical jokes. Now I don't have much creativity for them anymore. I thought I would share some fond memories of past days. My favorite done to me: Ed let me sleep late and took the kids to school. Lance was in 1st grade. I was woken up by the phone ringing and it was the school nurse telling me that Lance was in her office with chronic halitosis. I was thinking "OK what do you want me to do, bring a toothbrush?" She went on about the severity. Finally I said "Do you want me to bring a toothbrush?" She said "No this is very severe, he is going to have to go to the dentist". I was stunned but said OK I would come pick him up and hung up the phone. While I was getting ready my sister, Chrissy called and said April Fools! It was so good, I did not recognize her voice at all!!!
The best one I have done. We had just gotten our first Suburban. The kids were in elementary school. I was still learning to back and park. I had to run get gas before school and there I was at the 7-11 when the revelation hit me that it was April Fools Holiday. I called Ed from the pay phone and told him that I had backed into the pump and gas was spewing everywhere. He was panicked and kept saying CONNIE!
I finally said April Fools and he hung up the phone. When I got home Denae informed me that Daddy threw the phone and broke it! The rest of the story.....vengeance has finally come to me many years later. A couple of weeks ago I was in Wal-Mart (which I hate and try to never go there). When I checked out, I ran into a friend who works in customer service. She told me that the sheriff had just called there to say that there was going to be a gang shooting at one of the Wal-Marts today. She then went on with chit chat. I was thinking lady, there is no time for small talk, I've got to get out of here! I started out the door and many people were coming in and I wanted to shout "GET OUT" you are in danger! I restrained from causing a riot in case my information was bad. I found myself walking to the car profiling everyone in the parking lot and basically everyone who goes there looks like a gangster!!! I could not believe the fear that I was feeling. I have purposely been a lot more dangerous places to minister. I got out only to find out later it was a hoax. Ed felt like God had finally smacked me for all the things I have put him through. LOL!
There is a point to this long April Fools message and that is....I could not believe the urgency that I felt wanting to tell people to save their lives as I left. I was very convicted that I do know that people are going to Hell and I don't have that kind of urgency to keep them from going there! I have seen my true colors. Anyway, we are starting a campaign at church called Won by One. I am going to win some!

Friday, March 13, 2009

What is God Saying to You?

A few weeks ago I had lunch with a few ladies that I don't know well from another church and I asked them the question "What has God been saying to you?". They were stumped. I really like to hear what God is saying in other places for 2 reasons. First, it is really cool to hear that God is basically saying the same thing to the church as a whole. Secondly, I love to give people the opportunity to share what God is saying to them, it builds our faith. It helps us to be ready to minister to others.
Basically what God has been saying to me is "GET READY! The church's best time is about to begin. We cannot be distracted by the fear that is consuming our world or we will miss our great harvest." I am more excited about what is about to happen than when I've gone to Mardi Gras or Hollywood or any street where I have ministered. I can see that this is is going to be the easiest time to share God's love with people.
I have had such a peace during all of this world craziness. I know that I have been prepared for this time. Ed & I have had to live by faith since we have been married. We are not rich but GOD has always provided more than we can imagine! Yesterday I was reminded of a word God gave me the last time I was at Mardi Gras. Another Pastor told me that God was going to give Ed a car. It didn't happen right away so
I forgot about it. Two and a half years later, Ed's car died. It was right before Lance's weddding so we just waited to do anything about it. We came back from Lance's wedding and Ed was given a wonderful car! For years now God has been having me meditate on all the scriptures that say Don't worry, God is going to take care of me. God's grace is new every morning. He will take care of us.
There is nothing more fun to me than joining together with other believers and seeing God use us.
Now I want to pose the quesiton to you "What is God saying to you?"

Monday, March 2, 2009

Few Words

My son-in-law Chris told me that he doesn't read blogs with too many words so this is for him. Chris, Denae and Will have stayed with us for the last 2 weeks while their new house was painted and I enjoyed it so much. Our lives are so busy that we don't get to see them as much as we would like to just hang out. I feel so blessed to have the best kids (including their mates), I love who they all are as individuals! Chris, Denae and Will left yesterday and I've got to tell you that Ed and I were sad last night. Our house was really quiet. This morning we missed our good morning Hi! from Will. Now I would like to extend the invitation to Jeff & Lacey and Lance & Olivia to come hang out a couple of weeks with us. It would be great fun and bonding!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Replacement

I have been too busy to blog but this one is worth the time! Ed has been out of town this week. I had to do some things at church tonight and I took Will with me. As you can see, Ed has not been missed! This last one really made me laugh because he knew his microphone was not on and he was trying everything he knew to get it on. I think he is going to be a worship leader because he loves worship. When he comes to our house the first thing he does is turn it on if it's not allready on. Ed has turned on the sound system at church and played it for him and danced around the room with him. He was pretty frustrated with me because I could not get it on! He kept going to the sound board and pointing. I lifted him up with me while I was trying to get it on and he wanted to move some buttons himself. I'm pretty sure that if I would have let him, he could have gotten it going.
Here are some pics of my new office. I'm not quite moved in yet but soon!

Monday, January 12, 2009

I am so excited I can hardly stand it!

We have had a wonderfully amazing few weeks! God has been so good to us! Most of you know that we pioneered a church 2 years ago. It has been a lot of fun and a lot of hard work. There is nothing quite like having to set up and tear down your church every Sunday. We also have been officing out of our house and that has gotten old. There are 2 of us trying to share one office. (To be honest, I took over the office a long time ago and Ed goes to Hastings with his laptop to work and study). Our church has grown to the point that something had to be done. Our leadership agreed that we could rent an office. Ed was out with a realtor looking at space and asked the realtor to check into us leasing the Bergman Building. Here it is:

Now go back 6 months...every time we drove by that building for the last 6 months Ed would say "I think our church should be in there". I would respond every time "Honey, we can't afford that building". Well Ed got a hair brained idea to go forward even with the discouragement I had given him. To make a long story short, we will be having our first service there on February 1st. Everything has come together so fast that I still can't believe it! It is a wonderful building at one of the most visible locations in our city. The owner, Gerald has been so kind to us and shown us so much favor! There have been so many miracles that it would take 2 pages to write them all down. Let's just say that God has been faithful to us and we are living our dream! I am getting to decorate my office and that has been a blast. As soon as I get it done I will post some pics! My thought to leave you with... DON'T GIVE UP ON YOUR DREAMS! Joseph was tested by the promise God had given him by all of the junk he went through to get there. THE PROMISE IS WORTH THE TEST!
Ps 105:17-19
17 He sent a man before them —
Joseph — who was sold as a slave.
18 They hurt his feet with fetters,
He was laid in irons.
19 Until the time that his word came to pass,
The word of the LORD tested him.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Christmas Reflections

I had the best Christmas this year! We did a few things differently and they made Christmas a lot more special to me. First, my dad who has everything he could ever want told the whole family not to buy him anything this year. We decided to go together and give money to a youth ministry that he supports in his city. It was really neat because it came up to a pretty good sum of money with all of us pitching in! Secondly we usually do a gift card exchange with my sister, Carrie's family and all of our neices and nephews. This year we gave of ourselves instead. We gave a service or something that we made and played our gift exchange game with those. It was great! I got a beautiful scarf that Drionne made and Ed got an unbelievable car wash from my niece Staci. I am going to get to give myself to cleaning Jeff and Lacey's house. (she hasn't cashed in yet) It was really fun to see the creativity that everyone had. My new daughter-in-law, Olivia leaned to crochet from the internet and made 2 really pretty scarves. On the card she said one was for them and one was to give away. Way to go Olivia! She took it up to another level! After we did that gift exchange we headed to UMC to give away gifts to children and to nurses.
What a bummer to be in the hospital on Christmas. The hospital visit was fun. I think the people enjoyed us coming but the best part to me was experiencing it with all my family. I am so proud of my kids!!! Our kids have always gotten on board with crazy ministry ideas that we have and now they are leading us. As you will see in the pictures, Will was leading the way in his Christmas pj's. (A side note, I cut back on my giving to Ed this year and told him to do the same. When I opened my gift from him, it was travel bags. One of them had a hotel reservation to Dallas in it. I was so excited! What a great idea, a gift we will enjoy together. My man is the best! He spoils me rotten!)
For those of you keeping up, the poop walk continues!

Denae had opened a present from Will and told him to come give her a hug!

Cousins. I love these people!

Jeff and Will

Hospital Group

Will leading the way

Me, Olivia and Lance getting ready.

One of the patients gave Will a balloon

Chris noticed this tile that some children had made. It really touched us all. I believe God wants to use us to help the world! Happy New year!!!