Monday, June 15, 2009

Married and loving it!

This last week Ed and I had to go to court with someone, while we were waiting a divorce was being settled. It was so sad to see the investment of 2 lives being reduced to cars, stuff and who's going to pay what. It really made me glad that Ed and I have done the things we have done to invest in the future of our marriage. I want to encourage you to take a date night, go on an overnighter with your spouse. Turn off the TV and talk or play games. When the kids are gone you will be glad you did. I'm tired of the bad rap that marriage gets! I am loving it! The last 2 weeks Ed and I have been preaching about Marriage on Sunday morning. It's been a challenge and a lot of fun. He really is my best friend. I have so much fun with him and he always pushes me to do things that I'm not sure that I can do. Mostly he has challenged me to believe God for huge things and to do amazing exploits! I find that I have a tendency to get comfortable, just enjoy things the way they are. Not Ed! He always sees more and greater. Thank you honey for allowing me the privilege to minister right beside you! Thank you for believing in me. I love my life. It is so cool to see God love and change people's lives through us!
July 15, 1978 Can you believe that dress? I showed no skin whatsover. LOL!