Saturday, October 25, 2008

Scooping the Poop with Pop

We love it when Denae is busy taking pictures because we get to spend an hour or so with Will before Chris gets off work. I had to post this visit because it was just too funny! As I've told you before, Will is partial to Pop. He loves for Ed to take him outside to play ball or just go for a walk down the block with our dog Maggie. I usually go out and join them. What I found on this day was really funny as you will see. Will and Pop were on a Maggie poop walk. Ed is equipped with the scooper and Will was very excited to help. The really funny thing that I didn't capture was when Ed brought the scooper in and put it up. Will had a fit! He loved scooping poop. Chris and Denae don't have a dog so Maggie is one of the draws to our house for Will. He has started calling her "dog" and he is petting her very gently now. It is really fun to watch them together. I love seeing the world through the eyes of Will, it takes so little to make him happy!

Pop and his poop helper

Will is excited about his first scoop

Job well done

What great bonding for Will and Pop

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Corn Dogs, The Beach and New York City!

My life has been to the extremes the last month! Our church ran a corn dog stand at the fair. Really, I thought I had retired from corn dogs! It seemed to come back to me like riding a bike. I even learned how to cook (something I had played dumb on in the past). I really had a great time even though I was so tired I thought I would die. I loved getting to know my church better. There is nothing like sticking wienies together or being confined in a tiny stand together all day. Not to mention how ugly you look by the end of the week. It's awesome to get out of our churchy setting (even though ours isn't too churchy) and get dirty together. We had a great 10 days and God really blessed our church. Sorry I have no pictures of this because when I say I looked bad I mean it! Thanks to all my friends and family for working so hard!
The day after the fair we left for St.Martin to celebrate our 30 years of marriage. We saved airline points for 3 years to be able to take this trip and boy was it wonderful. This is our fourth time to go and I never get tired of this wonderful little island. I would suggest to all of you to get there someday!

Ed wrote this on our beach. The hotel has two private beaches, it is amazing!

We took this on the balcony of our room, the room is right on the beach. I love going to sleep with the sound of the ocean!

We took a water taxi to Marigo to shop

Deke and Carrie, our hotel is in the background

Me and Carrie shopping in the market

This man is my hero! He really deserved this vacation after working at the fair about 18 hours a day for 11 days! I love my life with him, we get to do so many cool things together!

I love the sunsets in St. Martin!
We ended our trip with a 9 hour layover in the middle of the night in New York City. I have always wanted to go there! We made the most of it. We went to the Empire State Building at Midnight and we walked to Times Square from there. It made me want more! I so bad wanted to visit the biggest store in the world (Macy's) but it was closed! My camera went dead before we got there so I will have to post more pics later when I can get some from Deke.