Monday, January 31, 2011

I Don't Want to Waste a Miracle!

Ed has been preaching on "Miracles in Motion" the last few weeks at our church. Last week he was talking about how God does miracles for us so that He can use our miracle in other people's lives. If we hang on to our miracle then it is wasted. That gave me the push I needed to share my testimony of all the miracles that God has done for me in my 50th year of life. I have been blessed with 2 new grandbabies and a grand niece that have brought me so much joy. They are amazing little miracles along side Will our 3 yr. old grandson. Seven years ago we kind of started over when our kids moved out and we sold our home and started leasing a Garden home. It was nice and I loved it but it was really crowded with all of the family events. Then we had a leak under the slab that caused us to basically have to pack up the whole house for a remodel. During this time, Ed took me to St. Martin for a birthday trip. It was so wonderful and I forgot all the stress at home. Our house was supposed to be fixed when we got home it wasn't. We had not been looking for a house at all but Ed had picked up a home facts sheet at his hair salon of a house that we both loved. When we found out that there was not a timetable for our home to be fixed we started to pursue the house. When I prayed about it God told me that he was going to give Ed wisdom and for me not to worry about it. That was hard! We could not come to a total agreement with the owners and Ed left it like that. Things were getting worse where we were living. We both we staying sick because of all the construction going on. Finally after about 5 days of no talking about the house I decided to look at it online and it was no longer available. I nearly freaked. I called Ed and he told me to drive by and see if the sign was still in the yard. It was gone! I was so disappointed! The day before I was praying about it and God spoke to me and said "you are not even ready to move yet, you are not totally packed" so I went home that day and packed our office the main room that was not ready to go. So now I was all packed and going to have to unpack in the same house. I threw a bit of a fit to Ed and he said "you don't have it that bad, there are people in Haiti who are living in tents that are getting ready to be blown away". He was right. The hurricane was headed there within a few hours. That really put my life in perspective. God has given Ed a lot of wisdom! Ed called our realtor who just told him that they decided to go a different way. What does that mean??? I couldn't beleive that someone else was going to get my dream house. Ed got ahold of the owner, we met with him that afternoon and worked out a deal and started moving the next morning. What a miracle!!! God had it all in motion but I couldn't see it. Oh yeah, that's what faith is! What is really special about all of this is all of the unique things that only I could appreciate about this house. It had just been totally redecorated and upgraded to my taste and desires. One of my gifts is hospitality and it has tons of entertaining room! There are things like an excercise pool. Swimming is my favorite exercise. I only saw this house one time in person and nearly everyday there is something that I thank God for because it is something special for me. That is what makes this miracle so wonderful is how it reminds me how personal God is to all of us. This is not a life and death miracle, it is a love miracle. When I felt hopeless and stuck, God showed me His love for me once again through His wonderful provision for me! Last year Ed gave me this scripture and told me that it was going to be our verse for the year. We both memorized it and quoted it alot to each other during the year. I can say with all that is within me that it is true in my life.
Ps 40:5
O Lord my God, you have performed many wonders for us.
Your plans for us are too numerous to list.
You have no equal.
If I tried to recite all your wonderful deeds,
I would never come to the end of them.
God's goodness to us really is too numerous to list. I could go on and on. I don't want my miracle to be wasted on me, I want you to know that God has no favorites! He wants to do the same for you, He wants you to know that you are loved and He is thinking great thoughts about you also!