Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Happy Birthday Denae!

Today we are celebrating Denae coming into this world and changing mine forever! I don't have one bad memory of Denae's birth. I had her an hour and a half after I got to the hospital with no drugs or anything. (I had babies wonderfully easy!) We already had our wonderful boy Jeff when we decided to have another and I asked God to give me a girl. He answered! She has been a joy to me from the day she was born. One amazing fact about Denae..when we would go to get her shots she would laugh. The doctor and nurses couldn't believe it. She has always had a great laugh and made those of us around her smile. Other memories of when she was just a toddler were of her trying on clothes and mentioning how adorable they were. I have so many great memories of my times with Denae. Some of the best are in ministry, on the streets of Hollywood, servant evangelism, Disciple Now, and Youth Church. She has always been a leader and now I am getting to watch her be a Mom and what an amazing Mom she is. I thought it was appropriate to post a pic of her and Will since Mother's Day is on Birthday week. Denae, I am so proud of you and so blessed to be your Mom! I love you and you are still a great gift to me 27 years later!