Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Replacement

I have been too busy to blog but this one is worth the time! Ed has been out of town this week. I had to do some things at church tonight and I took Will with me. As you can see, Ed has not been missed! This last one really made me laugh because he knew his microphone was not on and he was trying everything he knew to get it on. I think he is going to be a worship leader because he loves worship. When he comes to our house the first thing he does is turn it on if it's not allready on. Ed has turned on the sound system at church and played it for him and danced around the room with him. He was pretty frustrated with me because I could not get it on! He kept going to the sound board and pointing. I lifted him up with me while I was trying to get it on and he wanted to move some buttons himself. I'm pretty sure that if I would have let him, he could have gotten it going.
Here are some pics of my new office. I'm not quite moved in yet but soon!