Friday, May 30, 2008

Live an Adventure with me!

I'm back! I am going to try this blogging thing once more. I am so busy living life that I have a hard time finding the time to write about it. I have had a very exciting past few weeks! Our son Lance got engaged to a wonderful woman, Olivia who he met while working at Master's Commission. We are very blessed!

We have been to Living Word Church in Raleigh, NC where I was treated like a queen. I even have the tiara to prove it! I am now home with my family and church having a great time serving God together.

I know you are wondering where is my adventure story? Here it is....we were flying home from Raleigh and I had to go to the bathroom in the airport. Seems normal, right? Anyway I went in and I was the only one in there when another person entered the stall next to mine. I thought this was strange because there were plenty of other stalls empty. If possible I believe you should use stall space. This person had somewhat invaded my personal space. I looked down and noticed that this woman had on man pants and man shoes. I thought this odd until I realized that the woman stayed standing and never sat down to go to the bathroom. I suddenly had a panic attack and had the thought that I was the one invading someones space. Had I gotten into the men's restroom by mistake? (this wouldn't be so far fetched as I have done it in the past) I was finished but I could not leave because I certainly didn't want to meet this man at the hand washing sink! I peered out of the stall searching for the urinals to see if I had indeed gone into the wrong bathroom. There were none there. I watched the sink to wait for him to leave and he never came to the sink, finally I looked down and realized he was gone without hand washing. I slipped out and saw that I was in the ladies restroom after all.

Sometimes we find ourselves in situations and places that are very uncomfortable for us in our Christian life. We face the challenge and then we walk away and find that we have been in the right place all along. When we were in Raleigh, Ed asked me to come up and share something with the youth on the spur of the moment. I am not that great with spur of the moment. I don't even remember what I said except that I told a story of an 11 year old girl who had been raped from a school we had been at. Afterwards a young girl came to me and told me how that had touched her because she had been raped. I was able to pray for her and minister to her because I had been pushed out of my personal space. Let's get rid of our space cushion and live an adventure!