Monday, July 28, 2008

First Class and amazing youth camp!

Ed and I had the privilege to go to Nebraska to speak at a youth camp last week. I wanted to communicate my thoughts as I was taking off and then some of retrospect.
Ed surprised me and upgraded our tickets to first class. It was my first time to be in first class. It was wonderful! I didn't want the plane to land (for those of you who know me well you know that is a miracle)! I was so exhausted when I got on the plane and the chair was soooo comfortable. I'm pretty sure it had a lumbar. I wanted to fully relish the experience so I tried not to sleep. Right off the bat the flight attendant brought us warm nuts in a glass bowl and a drink in a glass. It was yummy! After finishing the snack I decided to get my blanket and take a little nap. I hadn't been asleep long when I was awoken by an amazing smell. I knew I recognized it but I had never smelled anything so wonderful on a plane. Shortly after the smell arrived a warm chocolate chip cookie and water in a mini wine glass.
WOW! I couldn't believe what has been going on just a few rows in front of me all of this time. I began to wonder... how do I cross back to regular class now? I don't want to go back to where I used to be. I drift forward to my next few weeks of youth camps and I hope that I will have as strong of feeling about not going back to where I used to be. I am always as ministered to as the students at camp. Everyone should get to go to camp! I want to get what God has for me and resit going back to my old ways as much as I am going to resist going back to coach when I fly back home.

Camp is now over and I have a continuation. God showed up! He spoke so many things to me that I don't have time to write them all. My life was changed and challenged once again by young people giving it all up for God. One night in particular was very powerful as students stood up on their chairs and declared how they would be different when they got home. I am different. God spoke to me and told me that I am a collector of people not a collector of stuff. I'm collecting!
A funny thing happened when I flew home, I had to come home earlier than expected without Ed. He told me that I was still on first class and to check in at the first class station at the airport. When I got up there the lady asked where my husband was and I told her that he couldn't fly with me. She went on to inform me that I was being bumped back down to coach, I couldn't go first class without Ed. The she said in a hateful tone "you arn't gold or platnim are you?" I had to admit that I was not. In front of all the other first class passengers she had to continue to tell me how that I did not belong there. I wanted to yell out "I never want to sit in first class again!" but it would have been a lie) I was so tired that I nearly started to cry but regained my composure. I sadly went back to coach. As I read what I had written about my travel there I feel even stronger that I never want to go backwards, I want to keep moving up where God has things planned for me that I could have never imagined.

Friday, July 18, 2008

30 years of Marriage and going strong!

We had a wonderful celebration for our 30th Anniversary! Ed surprised me and took me to a fantastic hotel in Dallas for a few days. As we were on our way I had a classic Connie moment. Poor Ed, I can't believe he has survived 30 years of these happenings. I had a little coffee and coke along our way, and decided I better stop for a bathroom. We pulled off the highway to a gas station and I got out. I did not realize how bad I had to go until I stood up. The kicker was that it was raining outside. When the rain hit me it was about all over! I had to stand up against the building like a statue with my legs crossed for several minutes before I could dare move on to the bathroom. Did I mention that we were right on the highway and cars were passing by? Ed is looking at me from the car as I continue in my statue state. He never laughs. I was standing there contemplating where my clothes were located and how I could make the change in the yucky bathroom. Mind you if either of my sisters or Donna would have been there I would have already peed in my pants. Somehow I regained control and made it.
My favorite verse is Proverbs 17:22 "A merry heart doeth good like a medicine". I have nearly overdosed Ed with all of the craziness over 30 years. I can say that this is one of the keys to a great marriage. We laugh A LOT~! We laugh at ourselves and at each other. I have had the best life! God has been so good to me to give me such a great friend and partner for life.
On our anniversary day Ed got up and suggested we get a pedicure together. He has never suggested this before but he loves all pampering as do I. I told him that I wasn't sure that I could acknowledge him as we would be lined up in chairs with a bunch of women. Really what I was thinking was "I will only get to get these half as much now because he will be hooked"! It was a fun experience! The crazy thing was that these people were professional sales people. They kept trying to add on all kinds of other things and when I would say no they would act like they didn't understand english. Ed got a 30 min massage while having his pedicure. I got calus remover, hot wax (oh and they said Ed needed that too) and I could not refuse the flower on my toes! It cost us a pretty penny for all this pampering but it was wonderful. I even got some pictures of Ed during the process.

That night Ed took me to a wonderful Brazilian Steak house. That is where the first picture is from. It was very romantic and wonderful.
Ed has consistantly taken me on dates through our 30 years. Our kids would ask why we had to go without them and we always replied that they would leave someday and we wanted to still love each other when the time came. We are in that time now and I can say that all the dating paid off. I am more in love with this man than ever!
Happy Anniversary honey, I'm looking forward to the next 30!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


I am a very passionate person, whatever I do, I do it with full passion so know that as I tell this new story. About a week ago I had gotten up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom and I saw a big spider in my tub. I am not really afraid of spiders but I thought I would get it in the morning. I forgot about it and it disappeared. A few days later I decided to take a bath (I had been taking showers in case you were worried). My bath pillow had fallen in the tub so I picked it up to put it back where it went and the spider was rolled up dead on the back of the pillow, so I thought. I decided to take the pillow to the commode and brush it off. When I did that the thing came back to full life and started running up the pillow toward me, I panicked and dropped my pillow in the commode. I could not get it shaken off my pillow so I went to get a cup to wash it off. When I returned Charlotte was no where to be found. I got my pillow out to wash it and inspected the entire inside of my commode, I mean I didn't want that thing coming back and biting me later! He was gone! Now go forward a few hours. I went to the car wash and was pulling out across a busy street. I had just put an altoid in my mouth when something brown fell from my head and hit my knee. I gasped and when I did I sucked the altoid in to where I was choking myself. I had a choice to make at that point and decided the thing on my knee was secondary to choking, having a wreck and hurting someone so I regained control and got the altoid unstuck before I looked down and saw that what had fallen was a brown earring that I was wearing. It was a lot of drama for one day!
For the last few weeks we have been focusing on worship in our Connect group and Ed has been talking about all the emotion and passion that we have toward everything else in our lives yet we have a hard time showing it toward God. We are concerned about what others might think and get caught up in ourselves. I know that since we have become Pastors I have felt more pressure to conform than to let it all go like I did when we were Youth Pastors. After this spider incident I have seen something in myself, when I get caught up in a moment, I don't care who sees it or who knows. I want many more moments like that with God! I am committing to keep my focus and passion where it needs to be.