Wednesday, July 28, 2010

32 Years and Counting

It's been a long time coming and so much has happened in the last 7 months! Ed and I just celebrated our 32nd Anniversary so I thought I would start with that. I love this man more every year. The week of our Anniversary he told me that he wanted me to go with him to visit 2 ladies we know. One is a sweet widow in our church and the other is a friend who is fighting cancer. The morning of the visit he got up and went and bought flowers and a card to take to each of them. I met him and we went off to our deliveries. Both ladies were so touched, it had probably been a while since a man brought them flowers. I was reminded once again why I love this man so much...he loves and cares for people! He is my favorite ministry partner and I am so blessed to live life with him! Today he left early for a breakfast meeting before I got out of bed. He came home a little while later with our grandson Will in tow.
He had gone by and surprised Will and picked him up for donuts and hitting golf balls.
I am so grateful for his passion for God, our family and others!
I have also had the blessing of 3 wonderful babies in my life in the last 5 months! My great neice, Karsyn, my grandson Reed and my granddaughter, Allie. There are allready so many wonderful memories being made with these sweeties!

Ed got to dedicate my great nephew, Brayden and Allie to the Lord. I love seeing my generations serve and love God!
One more big event....I celebrated my 50th birthday. How can it be??? Time goes by too fast. I can look back and say that God's love has never failed me through the good times and the bad, He has never disappointed me and my hopes are high in him! My bithday pictures...

I titled this blog 32 years and counting because I can truly say that I am trying to live a life that counts!