Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Denae has just issued a challenge to start my own blog so I am jumping in. I don't know how I will have the time to do this as I have to manage 3 Myspaces, 2 Websites and I am trying to finish writing a book! I do have a funny story to tell from last week. I went and got my hair highlighted and I thought I was lookin good! I had to stop by Ross afterwards and I ran into a lady I knew from a former church. She said "Connie, Connie is that you?" I said excitedly "yes girl, how are you?" She responded with "You have plumped up, is something wrong?" I was in shock. I said "no, nothings wrong". She said "Oh, so you've just put it on?" Now let me tell you that this lady is plumper than myself so I was thinking "maybe you need to get the log out of your own eye before you get the splinter out of mine". The crazy thing is that I have lost 22 lbs in the last few months, thank God she didn't see me before! She then began to ask me what church we were at now and it took everything within me to tell her because I just don't think I can go to church with someone who has just called me fat! I told her anyway, it didn't matter because she has found a church she really likes and is even on the prayer team. I know you are wondering how this could have a good ending but it does, she said that she would be praying for Ed and I and as it turns out since my encounter with her I might need a little prayer!