Monday, December 22, 2008

A Christmas Story you will love!

I love Christmas stories! I have books and books of them. Well I have one that I want to share with you that happened with Parker. Parker is not even 2 yet and he is the son of Gordan and Ruth who were teenagers in our youth church and now are fantastic leaders in our church. Well here it is...
Ruth took Parker to a store this week and it was really windy and cold. She was hurrying in to get him in a basket and Parker started pulling on her hand. She turned to see a 3 year old boy and his old grandmother sitting on the bench. The boy had on a very thin hat and was quite cold. Parker had removed his hat and put his new hot wheels car in it and was handing it to the little boy. The little boy asked if he could give Parker a hug and of course Ruth said "yes". Then the grandma told Ruth that she had been sitting there praying that some how her little grandson would get a Christmas present. She then asked Ruth if she could give her a hug. It really brings tears to my eyes as I write this because memories are coming back to me of Gordan and Ruth going to Hollywood with us to minister on the streets and also going on late night outreach right here in Lubbock on Friday nights. Now as adults they are ministering to youth and kids. Can you imagine what kind of man of God Parker is going to be? This is really what Christmas is about! God is with us and He is with the world through us. I am so proud of you Gordan, Ruth and Parker!
Here they are.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

I love Christmas! Having Will has made it so much better this year! I wanted to share some our fun with him so far. Last week I took him to the mall with my niece Staci and thought I would get a picture of him with Santa. Will's other grandma, Cindy collects pictures of her kids with Santa so I thought she would enjoy one too. We got in line and he loved Santa's house but when it came to Santa he freaked out! We were 3 feet away from Santa when it happened. There would be no photo with Santa. He was so traumatized that when we got out to where Staci was he was reaching for her to rescue him from Santa and the mean Lolli who took him to Santa. We always took our kids to see Santa but he never brought them stuff because my parents always bought their big presents and I wanted them to be grateful. One year when Denae was about 4 we were shopping the day after Christmas and a lady in a store asked Denae what Santa had brought her for Christmas. She said "nothing". The lady persisted "Oh, sure he did". Denae got pretty frustrated that the lady didn't believe her and she reiterated that Santa did NOT bring her anything. This lady gave me a look that could kill. I mean you would have thought I was a child abuser! What is Christmas about anyway??? I think Will already understands the true meaning. He doesn't like Santa but he got in the car with me the other day and saw that I had bought a Fisher Price Nativity, he started screaming excitedly for me to get it out. Here is some video of him playing with it. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESUS!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

I have the best husband in the world!!!

I have had some sort of crazy bug for nearly the last 3 weeks. Honestly I can pinpoint 4 different things. You don't want to know the details but the bottom line is that I have been chastised by my doctor for wearing myself out. My friends have confronted me on the issue that I have, it is hard for me to delegate and not do everything myself (I mean I just want everything done right HA). Basically I have been told that I need to slow it down and listen to God. (My mother gave me that one, I can't do anything without finding out if God wants me to do it). I am so compelled by my passion that sometimes I get myself into doing things that I have no business doing. So I am trying to listen. What God is saying to me is "Be still and know that I am God". That is so hard for me! Now to my husband who is the greatest. To help me get started on this better lifestyle he came home with an escape package to Oceans Spa. I LOVE OCEANS! My favorite location is the one on South Quaker. It is so relaxing just to go in there. I just would be happy sitting in the living room and not even having a service. I have even redecorated my guest bedroom and bath after the Oceans theme. Here are some pics of my redecoration:

Honey, I love you and appreciate all you do for me to make my life great!!!

Ed and Will last Christmas. (Hopefully we will have new Christmas pics soon, our photographer is really busy!)