Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Mardi Gras 2012

I've got 3 blogs on the inside of me right now so I am going to be doing one a day for the next few days.
Mardi Gras was once again an amazing experience. I've lost count of how many times I have been on this mission to take Jesus to the people. The first time I went I was 28 and young!
I felt prepared, we had just come off of a 21 one day fast with our church family and it was amazing all of the things that God did in us as a church. I had grown closer to Him and to the body of Christ.
So off I went to Mardi Gras with a team of about 130 people from accross the states. I sat down on the plane next to a couple about my age who were traveling with their 24 year old twins. Their conversation existed of what drinks they were going to get this partying started with. Ed may be the only one that knows this about me but this is one of my pet peaves in life. People drinking with their children. Maybe it's because I was raised in A.A. (my Dad was an alchoholic) from the time I was 6 years old. I know that alchohol can be a real trap for people.
I just decided to get out a book and read because I was agitated with these people. About 15 minutes before we landed I finished my book and got out my itenerary for the weekend. The lady next to me asked if I was on a group trip and what would we be doing so I told her with some reluctance. I told her that I really have a heart for collage age students who might get in over their heads. I like to be the Mom of the street! She told me that she really admired that and proceeded to tell her children to turn around and look at me. When they did she said "if you find yourself in trouble this weekend, look for this lady". They of course were thinking, yeah right! She was very genuine and kept telling me that she really appreciated me going out there.
I had to be faced with ugliness on the inside of myself once again. I had judged her and here she was being so complimentary of me. I realize that I am so far from who Jesus is and trying to re-present Him to the world is challenging for a person who is far from perfect. I love how He never gives up on me and is continually comforming me to His image even more, He still wants to use me!
I had a great time and if you want to hear some of the stories go to Ed's blog, it's on my page.
I did get to be the Mom of the street to many young people. One guy that stands out was Edwardo. Good looking guy who was dressed in a towel and taking pictures with all the girls. I got in conversation with him and told him that he needed to respect the girls and treat them right. He laughed and told me that they needed to respect him also. God showed me that he had a praying Momma so I just asked him if she was. He was shocked, looked me in the eyes and said, yes she is. I left him with "you better think about that!" It was so fun being the Mom of the street. I believe that maybe some kids made better choices and thought more about the people that love and care for them.
We met a girl named Adrian who I was chit chatting with when Ed interupted and told her that he hoped she didn't think he was weird but God was showing him that she had experienced a lot of pain and rejection. She began to weep and tell us that her Dad had died 2 years earlier and the pain that she was in. We got to pray for her and hug her. What a privilege.
Thank you God that you use imperfect people to show your love.
I am always forever changed when I get out of the church and to the streets!

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