Friday, November 28, 2008

Happy Holidays?????

Once again I am confronted with this saying that really gets under my skin. It just seems to me that Christmas (THE BIRTH OF JESUS) has been degraded to a holiday the equivilant of a British vacation. The birth of Jesus was the best day ever only to be followed by the best death ever! I will get off of my soap box now. Actually this all came up again because I was looking for a new Christmas layout. I have found one that truly describes Jesus and that is joy. For those of you who may have missed out on my Happy Holidays story from last year, it is worth repeating. I sent Ed to Sams to get a birthday cake for Jesus for our kid's party at church. I didn't look at the cake until Sunday morning right before the party when to my dismay, our cake said "Happy Holidays Jesus". I asked Ed what in the world he was thinking and he said he just saw "Happy" and missed "Holidays" on the cake. His experience at Sams was starting to make sense to him though because he said that when he took his cake to the bakery lady and asked her to add Jesus to the cake she said ok and then took his cake to another lady, discussed it with her and then they preceeded to laugh. He didn't think much of it until I pointed out the error. I mean really how many people actually associate Happy Holidays with Jesus? This just brings the point home further. Let's try to include Jesus in all of our holidays, hey how about all of our DAYS!


Friday, November 21, 2008

Lance & Olivia's Wedding- What a Day!

Lance and Olivia got married last Saturday and it was an amazing day! The service was absolutly beautiful. Olivia was driven up to the wedding in a horse carriage, she was coming across a bridge to wonderful sax music being played. It was one of the most romantic, breath taking scences I ever seen. They had 3 ministers as seen in the picture above. Ed has really enjoyed getting to be part of all of our kid's weddings. He loves weddings! We have been so blessed with amazing kids of our own but God has brought the most wonderful spouses to them all. We have had a consistent prayer for our kid's spouses since they were born and God has answered that prayer in the most perfect way! Chris, Lacey and Olivia are such a blessing to us. Our family would not be complete without them! Olivia and Lance are a wonderful compliment to each other. She has a huge heart for God and people as does Lance. I know that God has great plans for them together. Here are some more pics of the big day.
Me and Denae before the wedding

Lance and his men (he had 8!)

Lance and Olivia took Communion together and washed each other's feet.
It was really special!

Will pooped out during the reception.

The mother-son dance. This was really special because Ed consistantly has asked over the years "Has anyone told you that they love you today?, I do" to all of our family and friends. Denae chose the song "Have I told you lately that I love you?" for her's and Ed's dance at her wedding and Lance chose it for our dance. I feel like one of the most blessed women in the world. I have an amazing husband who has raised three fantastic kids with me and now we get to see what wonderful things that God has in store for their families! Don't ever quit praying for your kids, because it works!